1. Please install JAVA.
To play Forgotten Elements you have to ensure, that you have installed at least JAVA v 1.5 on your computer.
Please click here to check, if you have installed JAVA properly.
Click here if you dont have installed JAVA on your computer.

2. Select a character.
To start your adventure and dive into the world of Forgotten Elements you will need to decide, which character you want to play. Click here to choose a character.

3. Select the Play Mode.
After you have selected a character, you can decide if you want to play via JAVA Webstart or JAVA Applet.
It is recommend to choose JAVA Webstart, because all data will be downloaded at the first start and the whole game will run smooth and in fullscreen. Furthermore you have the opportunity to listen to music and hear sounds.
If you want to play within your Browser or you dont want to download any content you can also play via JAVA Applet.

4. Play the Game. :)